Jodi B. Cleveland, OH


I had been trying to deal with my facial hair for years: waxing, tweezing, laser, shaving and even seeking an electrologist in my local area – unfortunately to no avail! That is until I was introduced to Karen Calder in New York and her brand of electrolysis. Karen is a true professional with decades of training in NYC from the best in the industry. I come every 6 to 8 weeks from Ohio specifically to work with Karen. She will do whatever she can to facilitate my schedule, even allowing me to come on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday! Her skills and warm personality are truly amazing and since my treatments began, I have very little facial hair left to conquer! I am now looking forward to having Karen work on my underarms! It is truly liberating to not have to worry about unsightly facial hair, and an added bonus is that my makeup goes on flawlessly. I was constantly worried about what facial hairs were visible at what angle and who was looking at me up-close. Since working with Karen Calder, I am truly confident to be seen up-close and personal!