What We Do

At Karen Calder Solutions of Deer Park, Long Island, we take a real in depth, consultative approach to treating our clients. This means that we do not just jump in and begin your hair removal treatments. We get to know you and your reasons for seeking electrolysis. Our consultations are meant to be informative for both the client and myself. Very oftentimes electrolysis is a final step in a long journey of struggling with self-image issues and lack of confidence. Yes, electrolyses can be a confidence builder and change one’s self image. The consultations also serve as a time for the client to become comfortable with us as well as with his or her decision to seek treatments.  Let me stress; the decision is the client’s to make; we do not push anyone into that decision. We are not a business in the usual sense.

During the consultation, you will be given an explanation of how electrolysis works and some basic scheduling guidelines. This will give our clients a “game-plan” and a time frame for their end result.  A general medical history will be taken with an emphasis on each one’s hormonal state as it relates to their hair growth.

After that, the client’s short-term goals will be discussed, as well as their long-term aspirations. It is after all these factors are weighed, the client receives a personalized treatment plan based on budget, geographic location, and personal goals.

Our clients will also receive guidelines on pre-treatment suggestions and post treatment care. At Karen Calder Solutions we take a long-term, personal approach with our clients, getting to know them, informing them, treating them, following their progress and rejoicing with them in their triumphs.