Why Electrolysis?

laurier instruments needle

Generally speaking, the answer is, because it is effective, safe and has positive long-term effects. As mammals, we have hair on all skin-covered areas of our bodies. Hormones, age and even nationalities can and will affect where and how our hair grows and appears on our bodies. Sometimes, we need to take control of that hair growth and have it removed. Electrolysis is safe and the most effective way to do that. However, you should not walk in just anywhere that advertises electrolysis.  Since every area of the body has it’s own special needs, it is important to choose an operator with vast clinical experience and excellent technique.

The process of electrolysis is pretty straightforward. There is an initial cleaning of an area followed by 6-8 months of maintenance.  Over the years, I have developed special techniques and procedures to expedite desired results, and minimize irritation.

The eyebrow in particular, requires its own set of techniques.  The techniques I’ve developed over the years have enabled me to reconstruct, and in many cases, return the “over tweezed” brow back to it’s natural shape in as little as 3 months!

The success of the treatment relies on the skill of the operator, proper scheduling of sessions and, in my opinion, the use of a high quality needle.  It is for these reasons I have chosen to exclusively work with the IB Probe manufactured by Laurier Instruments.

The special features of the IB Probe include and superior insulation which concentrates the current at the tip where the root is. This allows the operator to use the appropriate current level necessary to destroy the hair immediately. The insulation protects the upper layers of the skin from receiving any current, thereby eliminating skin damage and minimizing irritation and discomfort. The bulbous tip insures accurate insertions, and the flexibility allows the proper treatment of naturally curved follicles and hair follicles that have become distorted from tweezing or waxing.

Even though other manufactures have produced similar needles less expensively, I have never wavered from my allegiance to the IB Probe to insure the best possible results for my clients. After all, electrolysis should be as comfortable as possible for the client, have the least amount of side effects such as skin irritation and have the most positive results.