Arielle C. Brookville, NY


Karen Calder is an exceptional electrologist. I have been a client of hers for over 10 years. She accomplished all that she has promised to complete and has worked diligently to permanently remove body and facial hair. The procedures or sessions were tolerable and practically painless, where I could almost fall asleep during them. My hair was permanently removed from certain areas that she worked on and they have never grown back since. I am now sure that electrolysis is the only true way to permanently remove human hair, as I had tried laser in the past and it was unsuccessful. Several people in my neighborhood raved about Karen's work, that I decided it was worth it to willingly travel to her office, even though it was a half hour car ride away from my home. She is worth her weight in gold and anyone that I have referred to her is just as happy with her work as I have been. She manages to be professional, warm, reassuring, personable, and sweet all at the same time and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Trust me when I tell you, it is difficult to find a good, trustworthy electrolysis and you will not find another electrologist in this area with the amount of experience, training, and knowledge that Karen has. Trusting your electrologist is incredibly important, as you create a certain bond with this person. You are modifying your body or face in a way, and you have to trust this person with this sort of personal change of appearance. Karen has been nothing but thorough and committed in helping me remove unwanted hair so that I could be more confident in my appearance. I would most definitely highly recommend her services to all who are introduced in removing hair and are looking for fantastic, remarkable results!