Barbara T. NYC


I, along with my daughters have been clients of Karen’s for over 10 years. While most probably think of going to their electrolysis appointment as dreadful, we find it to be just the opposite. Karen is not only one of most talented and professional electrologists, but happens to also be one of the most pleasant people to spend time with. Karen uses the finest of equipment, has the utmost of knowledge on the subject and has the cleanest of hygiene while performing her services. Karen’s care and diligence is unparalleled, giving the absolute fullest of herself each minute you are there. I have had tremendous success with electrolysis on many parts of my body; I have never had a problem with any treatment, as her knowledge of her work as well as her after care methods are exemplary. My girls and I moved from Long Island into Manhattan 2 years ago; and while I switched most of our services into the city, I never considered having anyone else for our electrolysis needs. Each of my daughters and myself know that Karen is well worth the trip. She simply is “the best”!