Stacey T


My skin has always been very fare and my hair very dark. I started off waxing for a little. I was a young teen at the time and my mom suggested I try electrolysis. For some, being around needles can be frightening. I knew it was the right thing for me because I would never have to worry about the hair, ingrown hairs, the awful anticipation of the wax being ripped off a body part. I met Karen Calder and my life changed. The process takes time but it is worth it. Karen is the most amazing technician. She is so caring, gentle and trustworthy. I never had a question or a concern about any suggestion she offered. Now I am a mom and it's hard to find time to have treatment. I use to go for three hours at a time and often. I am so thankful that I went when I did because now I NEVER have to worry about any of the areas Karen worked on. We did eyebrows, face, underarm, bikini and legs. The skin is so smooth and not a trace of any hair. Please note that it can be a slow process but the end results are AMAZING. I now have my own little girl and I know that in the future electrolysis with Karen will be our solution to hair removal.